• To get started, contact Honore Cabinetry by phone or email.

We'll have an initial phone conversation to talk about your Project goals, requirements and the general
scope of work. Next we will schedule a free, on-site meeting to further define your specific needs.
We encourage you to take a look through home design and decor magazines, books and websites to
help spark ideas in preparation for the meeting. is a great resource for home improvement
ideas. is the best resource to collect ideas that you find around the web. We've gained
useful insight from clients' Pinterest project boards.

• During our first meeting we can go over your Project and review any of the sketches and pictures of
    design inspiration you may have collected.

We’ll take some initial measurements and make our own loose sketches of design options to start to bring
your finished product to life. We can talk about materials, construction and finish options. Most importantly,
we can help you refine your design priorities and discuss the budget for your Project.

• Shortly after our first meeting, we’ll send you a free estimate based on our conversation.

We will follow up by your choice of communication (phone, email, or face-to-face meeting) about your
decision in about a week, or sooner upon your request. 

If you need a more detailed drawing to help you decide on a design before the
estimate has been submitted, we’re happy to produce either one (1) scaled
computer line drawing for a $200 design fee, or render one (1) scaled 3D
drawing for a $300 design fee. These fees include one opportunity to revise 
the drawing/rendering. Any major design changes or additions will require a
new drawing and another fee. We can also work with your interior designer or
decorator, architect and/or building Contractor and their drawings.

• Upon acceptance of the estimate, we can create a scaled computer line drawing, draft a Contract and
     schedule a meeting

At this time we'll take final measurements, the Contract and final scaled drawing will be signed, and we'll collect
a deposit to start the job. If there are any additions or changes to the Project after the Contract and drawing is
signed, a Change Order will issued and the appropriate additional costs will be estimated. The next time you'll
see us will most likely be for delivery and installation. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions.

• After the Project is installed, a wrap-up meeting will be scheduled if desired at your convenience to review any
    remaining items that may need to be addressed.

If needed, a Punch List will be created to track any necessary corrections/additions to the Project. Once all the details
have been taken care of and the Project has been completed, we will collect the remaining balance due. Our pride is
your complete satisfaction with your Project!

• We work directly with individual clients, interior designers and decorators, architects and building Contractors.

• All work is handcrafted and built to specification by Aaron Honore of Honore Cabinetry.


Warranty on the workmanship and material shall be for a period of 12 months from the date of the Contract. 
Honore Cabinetry will perform all necessary labor to repair or replace all defective work at no cost to the customer.
When in doubt, always contact us— we want you to be happy!

Call Honoré Cabinetry at 617.276.5565
or schedule a meeting at the link below