Aaron Honore enjoys working in the shop building hand-crafted custom woodwork. His journey to woodworking started with him, his Old Man, and the Old Man's basement shop in the wilds of Connecticut...

Setting - College
Aaron: I need a bed.
Old Man: Build one.

So he did— a simple mission style futon bed that is still in use today. A bit later he built a working replica of the bass guitar played by Les Claypool of Primus. That guitar became a key part of the decoration of his daughters' room.

Aaron went on to study cabinetmaking and furniture building at the Palomar College Cabinet and Furniture Technology program. He's been doing custom woodworking for 20 years.

Aaron's Great Grandfather was a cabinetmaker in Denmark before he came to America. Woodworking DNA is very persistent. Aaron was made to build. And the rest is history, present and future.